An Introduction to Bill Poulos and Profits Run Trading Products

While Bill Poulos is best known now as a highly successful trader and trading coach, he did not start out on Wall Street working in the financial industry. After graduating with a bachelors degree in Engineering he began a career as an engineer in the automobile industry. Over time he moved into executive level positions within the auto industry and acquired a Masters Degree in Business Administration with a major in Finance. He also acquired a bill_poulosfascination with trading foreign currencies.

Bill Poulos own development as trader was like many beginners a series of failures and success. As he continued to trade he would test out various trading systems and strategies, seeing what worked and what did not. Eventually the failures were starting to be crowded out by the wins and Poulos was becoming a consistently profitable trader.

His development from beginner through to professional trader do not happen overnight. Poulos has been trading the markets for over 35 years. He now gives back to the profession which has seen him prosper financially by teaching others what has worked for him (and how to avoid his mistakes).

Over those 35 years of trading experience, Bill Poulos has developed profitable trading systems that he now offers to students. Poulos aims to use his own experience to massively cut the learning curve of his students, so that they don’t need to spend years experimenting to understand what works and what doesn’t.

In 2001 Bill Poulos along with his son Greg, formed the company he now runs called Profits Run. The objective of this company was to sell trading products for foreign currency traders. The trading products would be self contained systems which included a complete trading strategy, training in the system, how to apply the system and the tools and software required to implement that strategy. Over the time Bill has been running Profits Run he has worked with over 37,000 students, helping them to become profitable forex traders.

Bill Poulos and Profits Run Trading Products

Forex Profit Caster

Profit Caster is Profit Runs newest product. It includes a training videos which explain every aspect of implement the trading profit caster trading system. It also includes software which removes the need for manual implementation of the system and reduces the possibility of human error.

Profits-runAlso included with the profit caster system is 8 group coaching sessions, were Bill personally works with students to help them with any issues they may have with implementing the system. These group coaching sessions are held by live webinar once a week and have proved very popular with previous students.

Forex Profit Multiplier

Forex Profit Trader was designed to satisfy the most common question that Bill Poulos was asked, which was how to make more money while spending less time trading. The system that he developed was able to predict with a high degree of accuracy which way the six most traded currency pairs would move in the next eight hours. It also provides the training necessary to show the student how to correctly play these trading setups.

The Forex Profit Multiplier is a physical course which is delivered on CD-ROM. It also includes the requisite charts, trading blueprints and a 12 page quick start guide. In addition Forex Profit Multiplier members are provided with access to a weekly group coaching session which is conducted by webinar with Bill Poulos.

Real Wealth Income Generator

This product addresses one of the most important questions facing traders, which is how to produce both short term income and long term income in the current marketer. The system seeks to profit from the exact same financial instability that has cost so many people their investments and looks to create even more problems in the future. As Bill Poulos notes the more unstable the global financial situation becomes, the more profitable the system is.

The software predicts with a high degree of accuracy the 5 day trend in the stocks and ETFs that it analyzes. These markets have been carefully chosen to include the 64 safest US and international market. The system is also designed for the part time trader and only takes 20 minutes a day to implement. As well as the prediction software that shows these five day trends, there is also a complete training course on how to implement the system. This includes how to manage risk and choose trades which are appropriate for your situation.

Some of his other programs include:

Forex Profit Accelerator

Market Mastery

Instant Options Income