Stargate Solution Review

What is The Stargate Solution?

The Stargate Solution is far from a mere product designed to enhance your life.

Instead, it is a method of training backed by research and scientific findings that you can now have access to by signing up for Stargate Solution training.

The training is based on neurophysical engagement with the universe, teaching you to fold time and learn how to rapidly fulfill your life’s dream.

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What Will the Stargate Solutionby Dawn Clark Do For You?

The Stargate Solution Will:

  • Give you the strategic insights necessary to avoid life’s pitfalls and obstacles that seek to undermine you.
  • Help you connect with your future-self, by utilizing a shortcut to your preferred future.
  • Improves your chances of success with a life-hack backed by proven research.
  • Learn Sticky Anchor Points to manifest your desires easier and faster than every believed possible.
  • Give you the ability to acquire more money in the bank, live longer, exercise more and embody the energy necessary to take action in all areas of your life.

Who Created The Stargate Solution?

Stargate Solution was created by renowned author Dawn Clark.

The process of ascertaining this life changing secret was discovered accidentally by Dawn during a life-changing event. While undergoing a serious surgery, Dawn died on the operating table.

During the time her brain was clinically dead, she experienced the quantum realm. The fact that the brain goes into this state during death has been scientifically proven. After her recovery, Dawn was given information from a confidant who was a lead researcher for the CIA.

This information outlined some deeply held secrets by the government organization relating to a 1978 scientific experiment by Stanford researches called “Project Stargate”. This, along with additional research from Wharton Business School, UCLA and Columbia University, has proven the existence and validity of a Stargate or “gate of the gods.”

In essence, this means tapping into the brain’s ability to connect at a deeper level to the universe.

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What Was Dawn’s Life Before Discovering The Stargate?

Dawn’s life was anything but enviable before she discovered this life changing secret. She was a single mom of three who had recently gone through a devastating divorce.

In addition, she had a whopping $54 to her name. Her future was bleak and her hope in things ever being anything but what they were was nonexistent.

Then, she discovered the secret that has been hidden by various research group for decades. After creating and implementing the Stargate Solution into her own life, Dawn has enjoyed renowned success.

She says she has achieved immense financial success, which included acquiring homes, riches, book deals and the more. While Dawn enjoyed the shortcut to success by folding time herself, she didn’t want to keep this valuable information to herself. However, the information is simply too powerful to release to the public.

This was the impetus to create the Stargate Solution, which became a way for Dawn to impart the knowledge she obtained through her near-death experience as well as through scientific research of others.

Make The Most of Your 2020

As the New Year quickly approaches, it’s the ideal time to try the Stargate Program to make 2020 the best year yet.

Best-selling author and creator of the Stargate Program, Dawn Clark, will be going live for training and live coaching for all new students of Stargate.

The fact that Dawn is willing to step in and fulfill the role of guide makes the program easier to implement and the changes faster to enjoy.

This will accelerate your progress by offering you the powerful handholds you need.

Stargate Solution Program

Other Bonuses of Acting Now

If you act quickly in addition to acquiring the Stargate Solution training, you will enjoy the following additional benefits:

  • Guided activation and bonus training.
  • Stargate Activations, including opening doors of fame, unlocking the artist within, finding your soul mate and experiencing weight loss.
  • Lessons from 12 real people that prove real change.
  • Behind the scenes segment with the CIA’s “Project Stargate” founder Russell Targ, mentioned above as the confidant.

How Much Does the Program Cost?

Putting a price on fulfilling all your life’s goals and most outlandish dreams might seem impossible, but the following is the cost of signing up for the Stargate Solution training:

  • Single Payment: $197 (regularly $497)
  • Two Payments: $99

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Is There a Money Back Guarantee?

You can test drive the Stargate Solution risk free, thanks to the 100% money back guarantee.

A refund must be requested before opening Module 3 of the training.

The first two modules of training are available to you at no risk, as you are free to seek a refund if not satisfied with your training up to that point.

Here’s the breakdown from Dawn’s website.

What Comes in the Stargate Solution Package?

  • Three direct access sessions with coaching via call.
  • Five modules of course training within the Stargate Solution.
  • Seven insights based on the Peruvian Stargate.
  • 20-minute guided Stargate activation.
  • Five extra Stargate activations that include health and money, reinventing yourself, millionaire mindset and overcoming procrastination.
  • Integrated personal Stargate templates that allow you to dial in your intention time and time again.
  • Added bonus of live coaching with Dawn Coach mentioned above.

Bottom Line

The Stargate Solution allows you to tap into knowledge that has been hidden from your human brain.

By utilizing this powerful knowledge, you can live a life you never thought possible.

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