Little Black Book Of Income Secrets Review

Is This The Answer To True Financial Freedom When You Hit Retirement…? And If So, Why Is It Being Given Away For Free…? Hmmm, Our Suspicions Have Been Aroused…

little black book of income secrets review

Now, we might be massively cynical (although we don’t think so)… But in this day and age, nothing, and we mean nothing, is given away for free… And especially not something from a guy who’s as savvy as Mike Burnick. (Not heard of him…? Well, we’ll discuss him further in a moment). But first of all, let’s look at the real story behind the Little Black Book Of Income Secrets, and why on earth it appears that it’s being sent to you absolutely free… Gratis… Costing zilch, zero, nil…

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What do you get for your money with Little Black Book Of Income Secrets?

Now, the first thing to understand about this product is that it’s designed for the savvy retiree, or anyone who’s approaching that age. Or, of course, anyone who’s looking to retire early… In short, if you’re keen to know how to set up an income stream that will pay you consistently, for life, then this is the product for you.

However… The freebie that is the Little Black Book Of Income Secrets isn’t all you’re getting when you sign up. Now, we could wax lyrical about the content of the book, but we’re pretty sure you’ve already read the advertising. What we’re REALLY interested in is the related products. So let’s boil this down to the reality of what you’re going to receive when you send up for your copy.

  • The Little Black Book Of Income Secrets: Now, as a standalone product this book is pretty awesome. It’s all about totally legitimate methods of ensuring you not only get all the income you’re owed (you’re going to be fuming at all the things you’re missing out on right now), but other simple, legal methods that you can ensure a steady stream of money pouring your way. Examples include how to invest in real estate with as little as $500 bucks, why the state treasury might owe you money (and how to claim it), how to pocket money each time the Federal Reserve raises interest rates, or a Nasdaq hack that lets you collect thousands from the stock market, week in week out…
  • Your Guidebook to a $1,000,000 Retirement: Fancy increasing your worth to a million bucks and more…? No matter what your financial status right now…? Of course you do. This book truly is gold dust in showing you exactly what you need to do to make being a millionaire your true reality…
  • Form SSA-521: This report is all about a barely known about social security payment that could bring you in thousands of dollars! This is an absolutely legitimate pay out that virtually no-one knows about, but could boost your benefits by hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on a monthly basis. But it’s almost criminal that last year only 71 people took advantage of it. Yes, you read that right, 71…!
  • The Retirement Freebie Cheat Sheet: The perfect partner in crime (if you’ll excuse the phrase) to the Little Black Book… Want to learn totally legal ways to live the good life for pennies on the dollar? Fancy getting freebies for virtually anything, including groceries, VIP seats at the game, or movie tickets, and more…? Then this report is going to fast become your very best friend…
  • The Infinite Income Website: Exclusive access to this private website that’s full of loads more of special reports, all specifically targeted to providing you with Intel that will immediately boost your regular income.
  • A 30 Day Trial to the Research Advisory program, Infinite Income: Sooo…. Now we get down to the real reason you get the Little Black Book Of Income Secrets for free…. It’s a lead in to getting you to become a fully paid up member of Mike Burnick’s financial service targeted at those who’re already retired, or are approaching that age… Now, as a stand-alone product, this is a pretty awesome one. If you’re interested in making your money work as hard as it can, and with the likelihood of bringing you in what could amount to amazing windfalls, then this is for you. Burnick provides regular, monthly advice, mainly about investments (but other streams as well), that you pretty much won’t hear anywhere else. His advice is eagerly devoured by thousands of readers who are serious about finding out methods to grow their income and wealth.

Oh… And the Little Black Book Of Income Secrets comes to you both as an instant download, AND as a physical copy. Because sometimes you just can’t beat having a real book to read, wouldn’t you agree…?

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Who the heck is Mike Burnick?

mike burnick little black book of income secrets

Burnick is, in short, a financial guy who’s one of a rare breed—he’s actually one of life’s good guys…! Yes, they do exist, just not very many of them. His financial career is lengthy, spanning more than 30 years, and he’s truly a legend when it comes to successfully creating money for his clients (and himself, of course).

And he’s the guy who’s famous for making money when all around him are losing theirs…. Such as in the 2008 crash when he actively made $200 million bucks… This guy is all about future proofing money, and showing his loyal followers exactly the way to do the same for theirs…

Who is Little Black Book Of Income Secrets for?

Well, that’s a simple one… Are you retired…? Or heading towards it…? Do you want to have more money…? (Stupid question, of course you do…). Then you really should, no, scrap that… You absolutely NEED to read the wisdom within the pages of the Little Black Book Of Retirement Secrets.

Because if you don’t….? Well, you’ll be missing out on bucket loads of cash that’s rightfully yours. Not to mention ways to bolster those heady days of retirement where the last thing you want to be worrying about is whether or not your money’s going to last…

The Pros and Cons of Little Black Book Of Income Secrets

The Pros:

  • Packed full of legal and simple (yet barely known by most) methods to increase your income to ensure a comfortable retirement.
  • Entertaining to read, as well as informative.
  • Accessible for all, no matter how much or how little income or funds you have right now.
  • A genuine service for those at or near retirement age. And this means that all the aspects of the Little Black Book and the Infinite Income service are jargon free, with no confusing abbreviations that no-one over the age of about 15 could ever understand…

The Cons:

  • Make no mistake about it, the whole reason you’re getting the Little Black Book Of Income Secrets and all associated reports are so that you’ll sign up to the monthly service of Infinite Income. But don’t worry… Because you get the first month for free. And if you don’t want it, you simply opt out and pay absolutely nothing. AND you get to keep the book and all the valuable reports…

The Bottom Line

Well, we have to say that getting old sucks in its own right. So it’s a pretty poor show that you also have to fight to get what’s owed to you too… But the tables can honestly be turned on the powers that be thanks to the wisdom of Mike Burnick, his research advisory, Infinite Income, and, of course, The Little Black Book Of Income Secrets… To be honest, this should be mandatory reading for everyone over the age of 55. One of the most valuable reads we’ve come across in recent years. And it certainly gets the thumbs up from us…

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