Income Advantage Review – James Altucher’s For Real?

How To Play The Stock Market Game At Not Only A Low Risk, But At A Little Known Type Of Investment AND Paying Less Than The Average Joe!  You’ll Excuse Us If We Think WTF!!!

Altucher Income Advantage Review

UPDATE: I loved the Altucher Income Advantage and was making great profits with it, but unfortunately they have shut this service down.

If you still want James Altucher’s investing advice we still highly recommend The Altucher Report.  You can get access to it here at the lowest price available.


Listen up, folks.  We like the next ‘big thing’ in investments as much as anyone.  But when we came across Income Advantage and its (let’s be honest here…) somewhat crazy claims, then we think you’ll understand why we were immediately – how to put it politely?… err, somewhat cynical about what was on offer.

After all – your money ending up in some con-artists clever scam is never the outcome any of us want.  However, despite our cynicism, the fact that Income Advantage was a product by James Altucher – and we do have a bit of respect for this guy.  So, what else was there for us to do but to jump right in and find out the dirty secrets hidden below the schmancy advertising of Income Advantage.

Below is what we found out.  It might well be worth a few minutes of your time to digest what we discovered…

What do you get for your money with Altucher’s Income Advantage?

So, what Income Advantage is all about, is the finding the very best Closed End Funds (CEF) to purchase.  But not simply to purchase, but to buy low and sell high – and we all know that this is the key to making serious money trading.  Altucher has spend decades researching every single thing about all types of trading, but specifically in Closed End Funds – and made a pretty packet whilst doing so.

When you purchase Altucher’s Income Advantage you are buying into the following:

  • A subscription advisory service: based on the model portfolio of Altucher along with his own personal analysis of every Closed End Fund (CEF) mentioned.
  • Inside information on how to buy at discount: because Altucher does the research into exactly what CEFs are available to purchase at way below the value of the assets the company owns.
  • The ability to trade at a significantly lower risk: thanks to the uniqueness of trading CEF’s and the in-depth knowledge gained by Altucher over the years.
  • The potential to make big profits: because trading CEFs can deliver a greater income than dividend stocks, REITs, and traditional fixed income investments.
  • Access to Altucher’s entire current model portfolio: of recommendations.  In other words, you’ll receive, on a regular basis, all of his research into exactly what CEFs are currently available to purchase at a worthy discount.
  • Altucher’s in-depth report: that informs you of pretty much everything you could wish to know about Altucher’s research and trading recommendations.
  • A detailed strategy guide: on exactly how Altucher has made his fortune investing in Closed End Funds.

Who is Altucher’s Income Advantage for?

The great thing about Altucher’s Income Advantage is that it can help all levels of investors.  It doesn’t matter a jot if you’ve been playing the markets for years (and, we can assume as you’re reading this that you haven’t yet made your fortune…), or if you’re a complete rookie – this advisory service not only explains all you need to know about trading CEFs, but literally shows you where and when to invest your money.

So who the heck is James Altucher?

James AltucherOK – an important question. James is, by trade, a Wall Street expert.  He’s spent years as a hedge fund manager, venture capitalist, and as an investment analyst and researcher.  Over the years he has – in his own words – ‘made fortunes, lost them, and made them all over again’.  But the important thing that we need to understand is that this guy has that mileage under his belt that means he now knows, after many many years, the investment strategies that work (and there’s only three, according to Altucher; Another one we looked at is his Top 1% Advisory.).  And Income Advantage is all about providing you with real time investment information based on those three time-proven strategies.

The Pros and Cons of Altucher’s Income Advantage

The Pros

  • Altucher’s Income Advantage provides you with the ability to invest at a significantly lower risk than if you were to trade regular stocks and shares. This is because CEF’s are different because of many reasons – but the most exciting is that they almost NEVER trade at equal value to the assets they own.  They either trade at a discount, or at a premium to the value of assets they own.  And, they’re not really tied to the market – they are tied to their underlying assets.  What this means is that during volatile times (including the dreaded market crashes), if you’ve purchased a CEF at a big discount to the asset the company owns, the risk of purchasing is dramatically reduced.
  • It follows eerily similar investment strategies used by self-made billionaire investors – such as Carl Icahan, Warren Buffet, and Charlie Munger.
  • Investing in CEFs – and with Altucher’s advice, offers one of the safest way to not only make big profits, but to protect your own wealth should a market crash occur.
  • You don’t have to commit to any fixed term contract to receive the advisory service. Payments are made on a monthly basis and you can cancel at any time.

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 The Cons

  • OK – so Income Advantage and investing in CEFs sounds great – doesn’t it? But here’s where we offer a friendly word of advice.  Because trading – any trading – is risky.  Sure, trading CEFs such as those Altucher recommends brings that risk down to a level pretty much as low as you can wish for.  But there is still a risk.  We recommend that you never – ever – trade with money you can’t afford to lose.  But hey – once you start drawing in the profits you know you deserve, then the amount you get to play with increases virtually by the day….

The Bottom Line

Well, we have to admit that when we came across Altucher’s Income Advantage we were truly cynical about what it had to offer.  But never let it be said that we won’t eat a large portion of humble pie should we be proven wrong.  And yep – we’re holding our spoon right now…

In a nutshell, we think that the opportunity to trade CEFs, and to be able to purchase them at such a discount that your money is virtually super-safe, is a pretty damn awesome opportunity.  This could well be the answer to many people’s change in trading fortunes – all thanks to one man’s knowledge and the willingness to share it with us.  Altucher’s Income Advantage certainly gets the thumbs up from us – in our humble opinion, we really do think this one’s a winner…!

We highly recommend all of James Altucher’s books and programs, but if you want to try out one of his lower priced options, see his style of investment picks and writing, then we highly recommend THE ALTUCHER REPORT, which is only $49, which is a steal in our opinion.

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