The New Case For Gold Review – Jim Rickards New Book Good?

OMG!  Here’s Another ‘Doom And Gloom’ Scenario That Our Economy’s About To Go Belly Up.  And Guess What He’s Advocating? That We Purchase His Book To Safeguard Against Doomsday!  Not Only That, But You Stand To Make A Whole Bundle Of Cash Whilst Doing So… You’ll Excuse Us If We’re A Tad Cynical…!

New Case For Gold ReviewListen up, guys.  We don’t know about you, but when we come across yet another ‘portent of doom’ from a guy who wants us to spend money to protect ourselves, the first thing that we think is ‘what the heck is he making from it’?

But, we have to say, James (AKA Jim) Rickards, author of The New Case For Gold, has been making a lot of noise from a lot of places recently – and ones that perhaps we should be taking notice of.  So, it was with a heavy heart that we decided to put our cynicism to one side (well, not too much – we’re still bad-ass, don’t worry) and get down and dirty with exactly what his new book’s all about.

Read on to find out if Rickard’s latest offering actually has something new to say, or if the guy’s just planning to profit from scaremongering:

What do you get for your money with The New Case For Gold?

OK, so The New Case For Gold is all about why our economy is due for another major collapse, and what you can do to protect yourself from it.  Actually, not only protect yourself, but to actively profit as well.

The thing is, historically there are global monetary busts every 35 to 40 years.  And, as New Case For Gold tells us, we’re already 45 years on from the last one.  But the big take-away from this book is that in April 2017, the International Monetary Fund is due to re-jig the balance of power away from the US, removing our power to veto any decision the IMF makes.

Rickard states that if this case scenario occurs (and it does look increasingly likely that it will), the US loses its unique status within the IMF, and puts the combined power of emerging economies together to cause mayhem for us.  In fact, it could see the end of the US dollar being the world’s number 1 reserve currency!

New Case For Gold Book FreeIn simple to understand terms, the dollar value is going to plummet (and along with that, it’s likely that millions (billions) will also be wiped off the stock market.

But New Case For Gold shows you exactly what to do to safeguard you and your family against such disaster:

  • Load up on gold before demand outstrips supply: Because gold is the only currency that can be guaranteed on in such cataclysmic events.  But waiting until after a trigger event such as the IMF dollar fiasco will see not only the price go stratospheric, but there won’t be enough to go around for all who want to buy it.
  • Discover how the ‘ordinary guy’ (or gal) can buy gold: Thanks to a simple calculation, work out how much of your savings to sink into gold – plus learn the easiest and best way to do this.
  • Security of your assets: Why storing your gold at home is a mistake, and so is trusting banks or storage units.
  • The number one gold buying mistake: Made by so many that puts finances at a serious risk.
  • Learn the secrets to safeguard your investments: Because if (when?) there is a major economy breakdown, your assets need to be fully protected – not only from other civilians, but also from potential government confiscation.
  • Discover the other safe place for your money: When physical gold becomes no longer available or is short supply.
  • How to lock your claim: On royalties from rising gold prices.
  • Income streams against the crashing dollar: The sure-fire way to profit when our currency is in free-fall.

And loads more, such as how to get out of (and profit big) from the risk of a collapsing stock market, and how to potentially profit from the ‘New World Order’ of what’s likely to come in with the new shift in IMF power.

Who the heck is Jim Rickards, anyway?

Jim RickardsSo, Rickards spent 35 years as an attorney and risk analyst on Wall Street.  And for the past 43 years he’s studied exactly the sort of scenarios mentioned above, and their effect on both the US and world economies.

This is the guy who’s been the lead attorney on some of the biggest financial cases of all time – called in by the Feds to negotiate bailouts, and by the CIA to uncover potential terrorist attacks that can be tracked by financial modeling and trades.  In other words, this guy knows his finances!

He’s already written 2 bestsellers on the subject of finance – Currency Wars and The Death Of Money.  He’s appeared on Fox News, CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg…  an endless list.  Short and sweet, this guy is an expert on everything financial, so if we’re going to listen to anyone about why we should be investing in gold (and how to do it), it probably should be him…

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Who is The New Case For Gold for?

Well, if you’re looking to safeguard your financial future (and who isn’t), then this book could prove invaluable.  And the great thing is that you don’t need to be rich to invest in gold.  If you’ve only got a couple of thousand bucks to spare (or even less, to be honest), sinking it into such an asset is never going to see you lose out.

And it’s accessible to everyone: young and old, male or female, black or white, rich or poor – everyone and anyone can safeguard their assets by buying into gold.

The Pros and Cons of The New Case For Gold

The Pros

  • Discover exactly why there’s a need to safeguard some of your assets in a way other than cash or stock and shares.
  • The book is easy to read, and provides clear instructions as to how best safeguard your future against the possible (inevitable?) economic meltdown.
  • In addition to buying the book, you also get added extras such as Rickard’s updated edition of another book, The Big Drop, and reports called ‘One Stock To Buy And 50 Ticking Time Bombs To Avoid, and ‘The Only Way To Own The New World Money’.
  • For those who’re serious about truly keeping and inflation their worth, you also get a (paid for) years trial subscription to Rickard’s research letter, Strategic Intelligence. Here you get monthly updates from him and his expert team to all the new risks that appear (and there’s a lot) that could undermine your wealth and lifestyle as you know it.

The Cons

  • Well, if you’re not big into believing what others warn you about, then you might not buy into the scenario outlined above. But the good thing about investing in gold, is that no matter what happens to the world economy, you’re always going to own a major asset.  And knowledge, as they say, is power – and boy does this book provides you with that vital knowledge…

The Bottom Line

Listen up.  We know there’s going to be a bunch of people out there who’ll think this is a load of bull.  But what we like about The New Case For Gold is that Rickard doesn’t stand to make a red cent whether you follow the book’s advice or not!  That, in itself, is evidence that the guy is talking sense…

We also like that the plans specified within its pages are available to all – you don’t need to be a rich b$*@&!!d to invest in such a manner – because you can join in with just a modest sum.  The choice, of course, is yours.  But in our humble opinion, reading The New Case For Gold will open your eyes, and it might just be the evidence you need to do something, just in case the worst should happen…

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