Option Rocket Review (2019) – How’s Kyle Dennis’ Service?

Options…. In Fact, Biotech Options… What Does That Signal To You…? High Potential? Sure! High Risk…? Without A Shadow Of A Doubt! So How On Earth Is Kyle Dennis Promising Massive, Low Risk Profits Of Life Changing Proportions…?

option rocket reviewOptions is a scary word, wouldn’t you agree…? And you need to be of a certain type of character to trade in this volatile field. But according to Kyle Dennis, the creator of the Option Rocket research advisory service, the waters need not be quite as rough to negotiate as you might think…

Well, he would, wouldn’t he…? ‘Cos he wants to sell his product… But we do have to admit that the guy is an Options trading rock star, especially in this difficult to succeed area. So of course we were interested. And this meant only one thing for us to do… A in-depth dive into exactly what you can expect if you buy into Option Rocket.

Now, we have to say that we certainly didn’t find what we expected… And if you’re thinking of sending this smooth talker your hard earned cash, then you’re gonna be mighty interested in what we uncovered….

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What do you get for your money with Option Rocket?

So, Options Rocket is a two part product: Part educational and part research advisory. The first is provided to you in a bunch of video and other quality methods of training. It’s pretty intense, and designed to take you from zero knowledge to seasoned and self-reasoning Options trader in the shortest amount of time.

And then there’s the advisory part of the service. And this is all based on a strategy that Dennis has named I.G.N.I.T.E. And this breaks down like this…

  • Insiders: Using his massive network, this ‘insider’ is the first indicator that gives the reason to dive further into the inner workings of a company. If Kyle gets wind that the big funds are buying in, then he wants to deep dive research the business to figure out why this is so – and to do it BEFORE everyone else does.
  • Growth: The next step is to analyse the growth prospects. If it’s speculative he wants to find out if their tech is about to make a major disruption to the market. In other words, major cataclysmic events that can be exploited for profit with canny Options investing.
  • News: A proprietary method that’s been developed over many years of trading this way, the next step is to keep a seriously close eye on the news for even the tiniest ripple that could signify a big move is in the creation.
  • Institutions: Following the big money is crucial. And by carefully tracking the moves the serious players make, it’s possible to lay foundation for trades that have serious potential for profit (and low risk). These key players – the hallowed 1% of movers and shakers – are privy to information that the regular investor simply can’t get hold of. Following these guys provides vital Intel that simply isn’t available to the regular investor (or even most of the ‘experts’ on Wall Street).
  • Technicals: In depth chart analysis done for you! Kyle himself is seeking out the perfect entry point based on four of his proven favorite chart patterns. And the best thing is that you’re getting Kyle’s personal touch here, because no one else out there has the knack for utilizing this information in such a successful manner…
  • Earnings: Because it’s all about that, isn’t it….? Earning calls provide updates on catalysts and future drivers of growth. Kyle listens in on these (so you don’t have to), and gives you the necessary headlines you need to put your plays into place…

Of course, all of this information is passed to you in a simple to understand format, telling you what company to back, where to buy in (and how!), and – of course – when to take your profits….

Who the heck is Kyle Dennis?

kyle dennis option RocketIf you’ve not yet heard of Kyle Dennis then you’re not paying attention! (or you’re new to the game of Options). Because this guy really is the uber-whizz kid of the moment. He’s made millions of bucks, over and over, and has an uncanny knack for creating knock out systems that work – and then some….!

He’s a biotech nerd, and following his biology degree from UCLA turned his expertise to the world of financial trading. If you want proof of his success, then consider this: He finished college $80K in debt. But within 5 short years he turned a modest $15k stake into over $4 million dollars….! He continually re-invents himself and his trading methods, managing to beat the system over and over and over… He really is one of the brightest starts on the Options trading field today. And with Option Rocket you can join him on what continues to be his crest of a wave ride…

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Who is Option Rocket for?

OK, so Option Rocket certainly won’t be for everyone. If you’re in the slightest bit nervy, conservative, or the kind of person who likes to play it safe, then turn away now…. But if you understand that to truly make real profits in your trading efforts then you need to be a little unconventional, then read on…

And the great thing about Options Rocket is that it doesn’t matter how much – or how little – you know about trading Options… Because you’ll be walked through every single step of the way. And not only that, you’ll be learning and growing your own trading knowledge as you go, with the key aspect being that you’ll end up a quality independent trader in your own right. But you get to utilize the massively successful systems that Dennis himself uses to bring in what can only be described as extraordinary profits….

The Pros and Cons of Option Rocket

The Pros:

  • A true combination product of quality education and an incredible system based, proven proprietary method of highly successful Options trade alerts.
  • A real insiders asset that can lead you to potentially massive profits in the difficult to crack biotech sector.
  • No need to spend hours on your trading efforts – can reduce your time to around 5 minutes per day or less.
  • Simple to learn, and simple to follow. Suitable for all levels of trader.

The Cons:

  • Ok, ok, ok… A little word of caution amongst all this positiveness…! Because no matter what angle you look at it from, trading Options comes with risk. After all, there’s a reason so many folks steer clear… But – if you truly do want to be in with a chance of life changing profits from your trading efforts, then Options investing the Option Rocket way honestly does reduce that risk as much as is humanly possible.

The Bottom Line

Well, we have to say that we’re impressed. And that was despite our initial cynicism about Option Rocket. Because if you’re serious about entering the world of Options trading, then you need to stack the odds firmly in your favor. And that’s exactly what the system of Option Rocket does – not to mention making it simplicity itself to do so.

We love that the educational part of the program is so easy to follow, and that it’s suitable for traders of all levels. And we especially love the clear alerts, the in-depth research, and the fact that you get a mass of insider Intel that simply wouldn’t be available through any other avenue. In short, if you want to trade Options successfully, and in the difficult to succeed but high profit potential area of biotech, then Option Rocket is one of the best services we’ve ever come across. And we certainly don’t heap that praise lightly, you can be sure about that….

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