Strategic Intelligence Review – Is Jim Rickards’ for Real?

Do YOU Need To Safeguard Yourself Against Forthcoming Major Global Change?  Do YOU Need To Put Wealth Protection In Place?  Because This Is What Jim Rickards Is Advocating…  But Is It Really Strictly Necessary…?

rickards strategic intelligence reviewSo, Mr. and Mrs. USA Citizen, there’s a whole lot of change on the horizon.  Not only on our shores (welcome, to our new President – love him or loathe him, it’s gonna be one helluva ride!), but the world over.  And Jim Rickards reckons that all of this factors together for massive economic change – change that will hit you and I hard.

His offering, Strategic Intelligence, is the result of his expertise into all things financial and all things that can affect your financial well being, provided to you in a regular research letter and other ways.

But do you really need to worry about it?  And is what’s happening both at home and around the world really such a big deal?  We get down and dirty with exactly what Strategic Intelligence can offer you, and if – as he says – global change is honestly something that should be concerning you.

What we discovered could well influence whether or not Strategic Influence is something you should spend your hard earned dollars on…

What do you get for your money with Strategic Intelligence?

OK, so Strategic Influence is a research letter sent to you on a regular basis, detailing dramatic happenings both at home and overseas that will have an affect on the assets you own.  And by assets, read cold hard cash, as well as other stuff, like stocks, shares, commodities, and other items of value.

He dishes the dirt on how factors such as the following can cause sudden and massive economic disruption, and what you can do to safeguard against them.  When you buy into this research you’re provided information in the following manner:

  • Regular research letters: That provides you with expert information about everything that can and will have a reckoning on your personal wealth.  Things such as debt, negative interest rates, instability in the EU and China, political uncertainty…  They all can and do have a personal affect on you.
  • A monthly video intelligence briefing: Where you can sit in on a live video call where Rickards himself answers the most frequently asked questions on how current global events can have consequences – not only to our government, economy, business, and the major market players – but right down to the man on the street.
  • The New Case For Gold: Rickard’s new book on why YOU should be considering investing in this precious commodity. And advice on how you should do so to ensure you stay safe.  In addition, there’s an extra chapter included in the book that’s not in the book of the same way you can purchase from Amazon or other retailers.  This chapter includes multiple extra ways you can not only invest, but can actually profit if the s%!* really does hit the fan…
  • The updated version of The Big Drop: One of Rickard’s previous best sellers that’s been fully updated to ensure it’s relevant for the here and now.
  • 2 free reports: The first entitled, ‘One Stock to Buy and 50 Ticking Time Bombs to Avoid’, and the second, ‘The Only Way to Own the New World Money’.

 In other words, this is all about how to get the real inside information that’s usually only available to rich Americans, global corporations, Wall Street, even the FBI and the Pentagon (simply because they can afford the extortionate fees that most experts charge to give it).

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 So who the heck is Jim Rickards?

Jim RickardsYou might not’ve heard of him, but Jim is one of the leading names when it comes to analyzing the financial climate.  Over the last 35 years as an attorney and risk analyst on Wall Street, he’s built an incredible research network.  He sits on the frontline; he’s privy to the moves that shape markets; he meets the movers and shakers.

Rickards is trusted by the CIA, by multi-billion dollar clients, by anyone who’s anyone in the world of finance.  And when he says something’s brewing – oh boy, do these guys trust his knowledge and instinct.  Oh – and he’s made himself a damn impressive fortune along the way as well – proof indeed that what he says and does actually work.

Who is Strategic Intelligence for?

Listen – it doesn’t matter how rich (or otherwise) that you might be.  All of us (that’s every single American citizen) has the opportunity to make financial choices.  And you know the difference between those who make (and keep) money and those who don’t?  It’s information.  Having the right information at the right time is crucial to making and keeping your money.

Strategic Intelligence and all the information it brings is slap bang designed to put you in a position where you can safeguard what you already have, and to make it work for you to increase your wealth.  And it doesn’t matter at all what level you’re starting from.  Young or old, well off or not, with the right information you can truly start to increase your wealth, no matter what the global economic climate is doing.  (Yes, it’s honestly true – you CAN make a healthy profit, whatever happens.  You just need to make the right moves at the right time).

The Pros and Cons of Strategic Intelligence

The Pros

  • Jim Rickard’s provides current, cutting edge information about what the global financial market (and anything that can affect it). Having this information allows you to make informed decisions about how to make, keep, and protect your own wealth.
  • You’ll be privy to such information way, way before it hits the mainstream news (by which time it’s usually too late to do anything about it).
  • You’ll learn the truth about why RIGHT NOW is the time you should be investing in gold.
  • You can sign up to the service and use it for a whole year. If at any time you decide to cancel during that time, you can.  And you get to keep the books and reports he’s sent you…

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The Cons

  • The only thing we can see is that many people will think such a service won’t be of any use to them. This could be because you think all the information is out there for free anyway, or because you don’t think you have enough money to be considering investing or protecting your assets.

Either way, they’re both a big mistake.  Because Strategic Intelligence gives true inside information that isn’t around for all and sundry to take advantage of.  And, no matter how little you might have, it’s always possible to make it work for you (and you want to protect what you do have, don’t you?)

 The Bottom Line

Well, we have to say that we thought Strategic Intelligence was going to be a load of old scaremongering tactics designed to simply frighten you into purchasing.  But actually, Rickards offering is truly valuable.  And it will probably only prove more so over the weeks, months, and years to come.  What with Trump in charge here in the US, the UK about to bow out of the EU, and who knows what’s going to happen in China, this all transpires to make for massive economic instability.

The information provided by Strategic Intelligence may well put you one step ahead of the game.  And it might even show you how to profit from such times, let alone simply keep your hands on what you’ve got.  Challenging times make for challenging moves – and you can only make them if you’ve got the right information.  Strategic Intelligence could well be the answer.  We certainly give it the thumbs up.

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